Month: June 2021

  • Building the Justice Layer of the Internet to preserve Human Rights

    Cyberspace has no governing law, but cybercrime is costing trillions of dollars each year. Using the same tools that cybercriminals use, and more, we can reclaim cyberspace and do good and create markets of digital inclusion for peripheralized youth which will help eradicate poverty. Our current projects are in Zambia and Jordan (working with homeless […]


    Part 1. A history. Can laws protect us? The internet as we know it is dead. You can no longer trust the internet to be a trustworthy communications platform. Worse, it has become an almost impenetrable safe haven for very smart terrorists, criminals, rogue actors who have built global enterprises which threaten the very fabric […]

  • Blockchain explained by a 15-year-old

    This short five minute read should make clear to any lawyer that the new era of smart contracts is here. With a very short introduction of current definitions of blockchain, followed by a 15 year old’s interpretation and example, it’s easy to see how quickly the world of law is about to change. The conclusion points to NFTs as the leading edge for bringing smart contracts into the mainstream.

  • How to Fix Democracy Series

    The Bertelsmann Foundation is running a series of programs on How to Fix Democracy. As Democracy depends upon people who care, believe and respect the rule of law which is the source of democracy, engaged citizens are a must. In this show, Digital Democracy and Citizen Engagement | Wietse Van Ransbeeck who is the Co-Founder […]