Cyberspace has no governing law, but cybercrime is costing trillions of dollars each year. Using the same tools that cybercriminals use, and more, we can reclaim cyberspace and do good and create markets of digital inclusion for peripheralized youth which will help eradicate poverty. Our current projects are in Zambia and Jordan (working with homeless youth are living in poverty) as a proof of concept. Most of our projects involve music and developing world artists, which together have become know as PeaceTones. By incorporating new ways to access law and justice (on a layer of justice of global laws accessible online), access to global opportunitiesRead More →

After having completed several projects in Africa, Brazil and Haiti – PeaceTones is poised to go to Kenya and begin scaling its scope by offering more services to musicians everywhere.  To get there, we need your help. First, to see what we are doing – take a look at this link which tells our story – in a contest  Q and A format – So it’s pretty exciting to see how we’ve grown from a simple idea of empowering musicians to developing a fair trade music model that features “Songs of Justice” !! Please vote for PeaceTones to win the Cisco contest and help usRead More →

This story about a global cybercriminal network is an example of how challenging it is for cops to get the robbers.  They did in this case, congrats to the cops!! Laws don’t stop cybercriminals from crossing borders with increasingly sophisticated schemes.  If you read to the end of the article, the quiet mention of who will  bear the loss (the cops didn’t recover anywhere near all that was stolen) is unresolved.  That’s a fault of the global legal system.  And there is no solution in site. Eight Charged in 45-million Global Cyber Bank Thefts, New York Times.Read More →