“For the first time in memory, adults in the United States under the age of 40 are now expected to be poorer than their parents.” (Balaji Srinivasan, 2013, Opening remarks at Startup School, Cupertino, CA)

Remember the vision of idealism you carried through your youth and into life? The events of the past few years have tempered my optimism. When I visited with the founders of the Children of Ukraine Educations Center Warsaw in June of this year, https://www.childrenofukraine.net/en I swapped my normal optimism for the sense that resilience is what is needed. That’s what Ukrainian youth need now as they have been dealt a terrible hand. Their families have been torn apart. Their cities and towns and villages have been bombed. And yet, every person I met from Ukraine and Poland were resolved to see a better day. And, in great part that is because their president reached out and was helped by most of the rest of the world, en masse, and, immediately.

My friend and partner in this work, Kelsey Rae (https://www.facebook.com/watch/2b1world/) took the baton from me and spent a week in Warsaw to work with Children of Ukraine on a special new song which was engaged the kids musically to respond to their refugee crisis. https://www.childrenofukraine.net/en

Here is the short video introduction of her week in Warsaw which led to a collaborative performance on Ukrainian Independence Day, August 24.

On November 29, 2022 (Giving Tuesday), we will host a webinar on Building a Fair Marketplace by and for Creators on the Blockchain. We will introduce the attendees to the Bee1World marketplace and have both physical and digital objects for sale to benefit the Children of Ukraine Educational Center and the building up of the virtual marketplace for other disenfranchised youth.

Many of you have supported our most recent project in Ukraine and Poland by supporting our work to keep education and music schools open in Warsaw (www.bee1world.org). I am excited to say that the concert on Ukrainian Independence Day which was held in Warsaw, was a great success. Now we are working with Ukrainian youth to build the virtual marketplace where they will be able to lead youth everywhere to the new trustworthy data marketplaces in the cloud.

We proudly invite you to Bee 1 World, support our work where everyone has an opportunity to make a difference, and every kid is empowered to be the change.

Jeff Aresty, Founder