Jeffrey M. Aresty is a Massachusetts international business and e-commerce lawyer with international legal experience in counsel on establishing overseas sales, joint venture relationships, venture capital investment, technology transfer arrangements and establishment of stock participants for high technology and international trading enterprises. He is responsible for legal consultation to clients in Taiwan, Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China, Venezuela, Europe, Russia, Israel, and Canada. He is also an expert, published author and teacher in the fields of international law, justice and technology, international business negotiations, cyberlaw, online dispute resolution, technology and dispute resolution, and estate planning. He is currently co-chairman of the ABA International Commercial Negotiations Task Force and also served as co-chair of ABA International Law Section’s Information Services, Technology, and Data Protection Committee.

He founded the Internet Bar Organization to address the need for an organized international rule of law in cyberspace that would benefit the citizens of the world. The IBO convenes leaders from academic, government, business, and non-government communities, and all those who claim stake in the promotion and shaping of the emerging online justice community into one that is accessible and fair to all citizens through the use of technology. The IBO founded the Center for Innovative Justice and Technology and the initiatives PeaceTones and The Internet Silk Road. Jeff also joined and helped lead a global online network of lawyers in 35 countries (

Jeff’s efforts aimed at connecting lawyers and others to work in online communities on the harmonization of private international law for human rights and his involvement in the use of technology to promote justice has resulted in the creation of online private justice systems based on a global culture of collaboration. These online justice systems are developing as alternatives to traditional justice systems operating in sovereign environments.

Jeff is the President of Aresty International Law Offices in Massachusetts. Mr. Aresty is licensed to practice law in Massachusetts and the District of Columbia. In addition to his law degree (Boston University Law, 1976), he also earned masters of laws degrees in taxation (1979) and international banking (1993) from Boston University Law School, and he has completed training as an international commercial arbitrator.