The Internet Bar Organization is a virtual bar association founded in April of 2005 to address the need for an international rule of law in the cyberspace community. The mission of IBO is to promote legal and economic justice for all people by redefining the content, structure, and delivery of the current online justice system. The IBO convenes leaders from academic, government, business, and non-government communities, and all those who claim stake in the promotion and shaping of the emerging online justice community into one that is accessible and fair to all citizens through the use of technology.

The IGO board is comprised of members from the legal field, nongovernment organizations, and current and ex-government positions. Board members include Daniel Rainey, James Silkenat, Isabella Bun, Demetrios Eleftheriou, Vincent Polly, Ken Vacovec, Honxia Liu, Amela Rea Maguire, Jacqueline Klosek, Ordelio Azevedo Sette, Gillian Neer, and Ayo Kusamoto. Jeff Aresty currently serves as president of IBO.

Ruha Decansan, Vice President and Executive Director, oversees IBO procedures and led the development of two IBO social justice initiatives: PeaceTones and the Internet Silk Road Initiative, both of which focus on research and education in areas of online justice, technology and dispute resolution, global e-commerce, and more. Ruha holds a Juris Doctorate degree and Masters in International Relations from Boston University. She has co-published several texts with Jeff Aresty and has presented IBO research at the USIP, among others.

Adam Berkowitz is IBO Projects Coordinator. Adam directs business development strategy and project design implementation for IBO social justice initiatives. He received his LL.M. in international law from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and his J.D. from Lewis and Clark Law School. Before joining IBO, he  worked as a prosecutor in Argentina practicing international commercial law and as an advocate for low-income clients.

Internet Bar’s PeaceTones initiative was developed to showcase real-world possibilities of the use of technology in international justice efforts. PeaceTones educates and empowers world musicians to connect to global markets, understand their legal rights as artists, and sell their work internationally.

The Center for Innovative Justice and Technology was launched in the Summer of 2013. The Center’s mission is to improve access to justice through knowledge-sharing, challenging conventional notions of the law, and by exploring how technology can impact and improve global justice. CIJT provides cutting-edge courses, news and conversations on the latest developments and technologies in the legal and dispute resolution field

The Internet Silk Road Initiative is a global non-profit founded in 2005 to create projects that encourage access to education, technology, and poverty alleviation. The Internet Silk Road project was developed as an initiative to establish functional land dispute resolution mechanism in Afghanistan by connecting citizens with technology.

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